Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some esential tools for the work shop

Temperature meter with probe.

There is a need for acurate temperature measurement calibration of extruders and soldering workstations, solar heating systems etc. I found this nice little meter on deal extreme when ordering my Kapa tape around $27.

Electronic digital scales.

Here is another little gem from Deal Extreme i.e. a digital scales with a range of grams up to 45kg. It has lb and oz scales also at a price of $8.

ARNIE - The surface mount soldering plate

Surface mount soldering plate construction I bought a small hot plate for £15 inc postage.

It is thermastaticly controlled on testing its ability to remain at any given temperature was haphazard with a maximum temperature of 170c achived. Stripping the hot plate revealed that the temperature sensor was on the control knob ie in close proximity to the hot plate but not attached.

Searching ebay I located a PiD controler and SSR with K type thermocouple.

I have mounted the PID controler in an old Vero rack case big enough to put the hot plate on.

Very carefuly drilled the under side of cast iron hotplate to take the thermistor. I spring loaded the thermistor using a circlip to hold it in place wired it all to gether using a fused IEC power connector and an IEC power socket to plug the hot plate into. Added a power switch. Removed the original thermistor control circuit from the hot plate. Replaced the hot plate wire with a short 6A IEC lead with intergal plug. So I now have an acurately Temperature controlled SM heating / soldering plate.